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20 March 2008 @ 04:59 am
Golden Apples [cott, pg, archie/atlanta]  

Title: Golden Apples
Summary: A collection of drabbles about Archie, Atlanta, foot races and golden apples.

Golden Apples 1

            Atlanta was likely the fastest woman or man alive and, no matter how much Archie boasted, he was continuously aware that he’d never win a foot race, be it a sprint or a marathon, against Atlanta.

            On their morning runs, Atlanta would slow her pace so Archie could keep up with her and they’d run side by side but, sometimes, for whatever reason, Atlanta would burst ahead and take the lead.

Archie would try to keep up but Atlanta was just too fast. She was descendent from the fastest woman of Greek myth and he was always a step behind.

Golden Apples 2

Atlanta tended to forget how fast she actually was. The speed was something that was part of her, something in her brain that kicked in automatically, something she didn’t even realize she is doing until she looked back and saw Archie, proud, stubborn and silent, struggling to keep up.

            She got it. He had his pride. He didn’t want to admit he couldn’t keep up with her. Sometimes she felt the same way, like when she was pinned and refused to call uncle.

            She just wished that he could tell her to slow down, so she could run beside him.

Golden Apples 3

It was always a dangerous endeavor to accept the gifts of gods.

The ancient Greek myths spoke to the trickery, vanity and greed of the gods where they did things for their own gains and amusements.

Though Archie’s personal experience with the gods showed them to be something of a Disneyfied version of their ancient personas, he was hesitant to trust them completely.

For this reason, Archie was unsure if he should accept Aphrodite’s gift, no matter how sincere she seemed. His own experience, and that of his ancestors, had taught him just how dangerous a golden apple could be.

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